Sunday, November 22, 2015

Thank You All So Much!

Well hello there, friends! By now many of you have seen the video I put up, explaining that I was going to be allowing my demonstratorship to revert back to customer status, and no longer make paper crafting tutorials.

Since putting that video up the response has truly been overwhelming, and I can't even put into words (hence a blog post rather than a video!) how grateful I am to everyone who commented and gave me back my sense of self worth. For the past few years I have been struggling with my self-employment; spending thousands on my fashion label, only to make one sale despite the sweat, blood and tears (all literal) and the countless hours that I put into teaching myself everything there is to know about becoming a dressmaker from scratch in one week, including pattern making and resizing, and putting in dress linings and invisible zippers. 

I felt like a failure, but didn't want to give up. So I tried other things. I read Tarot, but soon realised that the time and energy this took, plus with the client's reading typed up in a 2500 word document was not worth £15. I temporarily closed my shop around the same time I stopped making my papercrafting videos, but have recently reopened the shop, with a promise of less words per document, and I've also raised my prices to what I feel my time is actually worth. 

Last week I opened another Etsy shop, and I feel that it may be one many of you will be interested in. I recently purchased my first Erin Condren Life Planner, and I love it very much. However, I found that pretty much all of the really good sticker stores are in the US, with a few scattered around Europe, but hardly any in the UK. 

My shop is called Persephone's Planner, and if you have a planner, journal, or just like using stickers in your letters or card making / crafting, please take a look to see what I offer. I'm so proud of myself for creating the stickers you see in my shop. The fancy designs are not made by me, but I purchased them and tweaked them which allows me to sell them as my own stickers. 

And yes, there are Pagan themed stickers for my friends who watched the Spiritual Sundays series.

And as for my future with Stampin' Up!? Well, it's mid November and I still have to sell about £200 worth of products to remain an active demonstrator for the next quarter (Jan-March). I have been reconsidering my decision to stop making tutorials, as I really do love doing it and can see from the comments below that they are appreciated, so if by chance I do get enough sales to remain an active demonstrator, you have my word that I will make one tutorial a week from January to March :) 

Thank you so much for reading and for your continual love and support. I appreciate you all for watching and commenting. Please help spread the word about my new sticker store if you can x

Some of the incredible and unbelievable comments I got beneath my leaving video:

"You are an amazing artist and that will never change."

"I do hate to see you go! I did love the tutorials and watched them all."

"This broke my heart!!"

"I am going to miss your videos. You are a very talented young lady."

"Good luck, you will be missed."

"Your reward may not be financial but it has to make you feel good to have INSPIRED so many people with your beautiful tutorials!"

"Stampin' Up! is less without you on the team and it's very regretful that it didn't work out."

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