Sunday, May 17, 2015

My Stampin' Up (UK) Swaps! | Persephone's Papercraft

I share my Stampin' Up (UK) 2015 regional swaps! Look out for tomorrow's video which will show you all the swaps I received from other demonstrators across the UK!

- Final Dimensions: 3" x 3"
- Cardstock: 3" x 6"
- Score on 6" side at: 3



  1. Nice swaps! I like the explanation of getting 3x3 cards from a sheet of 12x12 (obvious when I think about it, but I didn't! ha ha!) Don't apologise about not being 'organized', you're still quicker than me, even when I think I am all set up. Oh, and I was sniffing along with you - hayfever, don't you just love it!? Hope you had a great time at the SU Convention. Karen x

  2. Thanks Karen. I had a great time meeting everyone! Got some great ideas for workshops too, so very happy about it all! :)


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